Ms. American Elegance WOMAN 2020-21


In October of 2010, at 20 years old; Jordan Weeks was homeless, lonely, and hungry. She lived in her car with only the essentials and socks weren't essential or so she thought. 

One cold night while asleep in her car an officer knocked on her window. 

The officer helped her and provided her with places nearby that could help.

That next day Jordan found an apartment, moved in, and vowed to help others in need.


Fast forward to 2020 only 10 years later and Jordan Weeks created her platform #betheHOPE fighting to end homelessness and hunger while focusing on humanity.


Through Jordan's journey she has partnered with Hesed House, Mutual Ground, Mel Trotter, The Tim Tebow Foundation, and the incredible BOMBAS sock company to make a difference.


 She has donated over 10,000 items to homeless shelters and communities nationwide. 7,000 of those items being socks. Today Jordan is on target to receive and donate as your Ms. American Elegance Woman 2020-21 15,000 pairs of socks to give to the homeless in 2021!


No matter what pandemic we are fighting, where we come from, how much money we make....We can all agree that NOONE should ever be homeless or hungry. #betheHOPE 

Jordan Weeks