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Areas of Competition

Interview 45%

Panel for six (6) minutes. Dress is a business suit, pants suit, or a business dress, as if you were going to a job interview. The bulk of the questions will be generated from your fact sheet; however, various types of questions will be asked. Current event questions are allowed if it directly relates to your platform.


Personal Expression 5%

This is a timed presentation done in front of the judges for 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less. You can wear any attire that fits your topic. Personal Expression can be on any topic of choice (e.g.: your hobbies, platform, family, career, etc.). Feel free to create and use props; it’s your time to be creative if you wish! Make this time to be as interesting, informative, or whatever message you are trying to convey. Provide information through the presentation even if it’s a display of a talent. You want to capture the judges’ attention; however, content is much more important than creativity and showmanship. Subject matter can be either humorous or serious and must be memorized. 


Fashion Wear 20%
Fashion Wear which Think trendy, runway, stylish.

Evening gown 20%

Evening Gown can be any type dress of your own choosing as long as it 

On Stage Question -  10%
The contestants will draw a questions from a container and they will   
read the question before handing it to the emcee to read aloud to the 

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