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Ms. Elegance International 2023-2024


Ashley Rodgers graduated from Middle Georgia State University with her Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and South Georgia Technical College with her Associates in Business Marketing. Upon graduation, Ashley worked diligently as the Operations Director for the #1 HVAC and Refrigeration Company for Residential, Commercial and WalMart in Middle and North Georgia. Since establishing herself in the HVAC and Refrigeration Industries, Ashley has also become an entrepreneur and offers photography, event planning, hair and make-up, pageant and interview coaching services. Ms. Rodgers
has a love of Real Estate and is known to help place residents in rental homes and help with directing Real Estate School events in Houston County. Ashley has a love of technical education and served as the 2016 Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership Winner (also known as the Student Ambassador of TCSG,) where she was chosen as the #1 Student in the entire state of Georgia out of 135,000 students. During her time in technical education,
Ashley competed in and was awarded with multiple first-place achievements in Job Interview, Prepared Speech and Extemporaneous Speech competitions across the state and nation. Ms. Rodgers has competed in pageantry from the age of 6 months old and has served the industry in many capacities:from competitor to director to judge to coach. Ashley has held many titles throughout her 29 years, such as, Miss US National Forestry Queen 2016, Miss Georgia Watermelon 2018, Ms. GA North 2022, and most currently, Ms. Elegance International 2023-2024.
Ashley serves her community by participating in Judging and Mentoring for SkillsUSA Georgia Postsecondary since serving as State President in 2015, volunteering for Keller Williams’ Annual Day of Community known as Red Day and participating in Real Bulldogs’ Read annually for her Highschool Alum.
As a titleholder, Ashley is promoting her platform, “Let’s Talk About the Curve: Early Detection of Scoliosis.” Ashley has two rods and six hooks that keep her spine in alignment after her elementary school detected scoliosis from a screening when she was 11 years old. Being able to identify her scoliosis early-on, Ashley had back surgery within the next 6 months and has been able to lead a normal life since! However, as an everyday overcomer of suicide and depression, Ashley truly hopes to use her title and her own healing journey to inspire others around her to keep holding on and to know that they are not alone!

Ashley Rodgers

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