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Ms. American Elegance Woman 2023-2024


Allyson McNally

 As a military kid Allyson  has had the privilege to live all over the world.  She has lived most of her adult life in Oklahoma then transplanted to Arizona in 2021 where she currently resides .Allyson  is a mother to her fearless now 16 year old son who has been a St. Judes kid since November 2010, and many bonus children that call her mom. 

             Allyson hopes to return to school to finish her degree in criminal justice and then continue onto law school one day. But in the fall of this year she will be attending culinary school specializing in pastries.  In the meantime she owns her own business “ Double A’s Sweets and Treats.”  which specializes in cupcakes and other baked goods. 

        Allyson  got her start in pageantry with American Elegance Pageant many moons ago. She has gone on to win many other titles in the pageantry world, but this is the one that was always the one that got away. Until this past November where her dream finally became reality. Showing that a dream is never denied just delayed until the right time. This title means so much this year because she is recently a domestic violence survivor as well as being a daughter, niece and cousin to many breast cancer survivors in her family. 

“ A Crown will not complete you, nor make you happy. It is simply part of the uniform of an elite group of people, who are just trying to change the world one rhinestone at a time. So I ask you this: “ How will you make your change?”

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