Ms. American Elegance 2019-20 

Madame Kristen Glover, a Chicago native, is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, where she received her BFA in Theatre Studies and Dance Performance. At Northern, Madame Kristen trained extensively in Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance. It was during her collegiate career where her passion for advocating for Black representation in the Arts continued to blossom and emerge.  Using her artistic platform, she encourages Black youth to embrace their unique God-given beauty and to achieve greatness in all they aspire to do.


An emerging businesswoman, educator and philanthropist, Madame Kristen heavily advocates and promotes the importance and the urgency of wealth development, group economics. and financial literacy within the Black community, for social and generational economic impact at large. 


“The ONLY limits that exists are the ones that we create in our own minds and place on ourselves”


 Kristen will be advancing her education by receiving her Masters in Accounting and then Law School. She will use her knowledge and skill set not only as a foundation for her entrepreneurial endeavors, which include real estate investing, international trade and building her own financial services firm, but also to teach those in her community. She enjoys traveling, performing, modeling, going to art galleries, and eating good food.

Kristen Glover

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