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General Pageant Questions

What is a platform?

A platform is a charity or cause that you will promote throughout your reign as a titleholder. Each American Elegance National Titleholder has a platform or issue of advocacy that she must speak about with strong, well-rounded knowledge and conviction. You want to help make the public aware of the benefits of participating and/or giving. You can select topics such as self-esteem awareness in young girls, health and nutrition, positive body image for women; these are just examples. It can be any cause or charity that you strongly identify with. Select something which you want to be a part of and go for it.


How do I select my platform? All delegates will choose a platform according to her personal convictions. Some delegates may have been touched by disease such as Breast Cancer or Heart Disease and want to promote those charitable organizations. Choose the platform that you are the most comfortable with and feel that you can make the biggest difference in the lives of others with.


What does my entry fee pay for? American Elegance is a self-sufficient pageant. Fees pay for but are not limited to the queens of each state and national winner including the prizes that are given onstage, hotel expenses, including food, ballroom rental, staff & judges’ rooms/fees, sound, light, stage, advertising, website maintenance, decoration, etc. All the money received for American Elegance is put forth in effort to make this a fun, classy and elegant event for all to attend and participate.


If I win a national title, how many appearances are required? You must make a minimum of 24 quality appearances during your reign. In addition, national titleholders are prohibited from competing or accepting appointed titles for any pageant, at any level of competition, for nine (9) full months (this requirement does NOT include the optional winners). This will be discussed with you as a national titleholder before the titleholder’s contract is signed.


What is considered a quality appearance? We’re glad you asked. A quality appearance is where a titleholder appears in crown and/or sash to actively support/promote her platform or to actively support/promote the American Elegance Pageant by either performing community service, speaking at an event about the system, or actively engaging in recruiting contestants. A titleholder’s main objective is to be strong ambassadors for the American Elegance system and true quality appearances and events are planned and scheduled in advance; standing in front of or inside a venue with a crown/sash on is not considered a quality appearance! There are many ways to make appearances: for instance, community events are always looking for volunteers, the same for fairs and festivals where they would love to have a titleholder to do volunteer work. The best type of quality appearance combines volunteer community service work while simultaneously actively promoting the system. Please note if you want to make an appearance at another pageant, proper pageant etiquette requires a titleholder to contact the host pageant director in advance to make sure it is fine to wear your crown and/or sash. 


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