Ms. American Elegance Sophisticate 2021-22

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LaSonya Alexander

Queen LaSonya is the CFO/Founder of nonprofit Momscandoit2, Kidscandoit2 and Dadscandoit2 organizations for single moms, children and single fathers.


The focus with these organizations is to help families rebuild and improve their quality of life after experiencing hardships.


LaSonya is known for her giving and supporting of many other organizations and her annual Ready to Work Closet Events for single moms. As well as a Diapers-n-Wipes Drive benefitting single parents.


She was recently crowned the New National Title of  Ms. American Elegance Sophisticate 2021-222.


She was also a featured runway model at New York Fashion Week and modeled for 5 designers at the Beauty Its Everywhere Showcase. 


LaSonya  also was a featured model for the iconic Model Icon at the Palmer House on Chicago


She is also a CCP Illinois Royalty Ambassador for Cisco and Cisco.


LaSonya is a supermom of 7 children and 9 grandchildren and uses her experiences of overcoming to motivate and inspire. She regularly hosts Ready to Work Closet Events for Single Mothers to help prepare for new careers. She will continue to work to show the world MomsCanDoIt2.





Achievements Include:


• ¨2nd Runner Up Cover Model at American Elegance Pageant 2021

Best Interview¨ -US Midwest American Elegance 2019

• Featured in episode 2 of Chicago Talent – Fresh Faces

• 1st Runner-up / Against All Odds Award - National All World Beauty Pageant 2019

• Vessel of Honor Award - Voice to the Voiceless Enterprises 2019

• Crowned Ms. Illinois All World Beauties in 2018

• Solo Mom of Color Superhero - ESME.com2018

• 1st Runner-up / Media Award / Spokesperson Model Finalist – National American Elegance Pageant 2017

• Solo Mom Hall-of-Fame Honoree – ESME.com2017

* Soirit Award, Directors Award, Media Awards

Midwest American Elegance Pageant  2017