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Ms. American Elegance Lady 2022-2023


Cintra Glenn

Born and raised in Southern California, in the summer of 2000, Cintra exchanged the
fast-paced lifestyle for the Midwestern Charm of Kansas City. Cintra is a Business
Manager in the Healthcare Industry. Her passion to help others, transitioned into a
Career that allows her to do this daily, for a nationwide leader in Specialty Pharmacy
and In-home nursing care.
Even though you can take the girl out of can’t quite take “California”, out
of the girl. In her free time, you will still find Cintra doing her favorite Californian hobbies,
which include rollerblading, and relaxing in the sun!
For over a decade, Cintra has volunteered her time assisting in Women and Homeless
Shelters. During Covid, realizing the extreme necessity to help those in need of a meal
and encouraging words of hope, a discussion within her Bible Study group blossomed
into a program, meeting both needs. The team met weekly to execute on these
needs...and “Feed My Sheep” was conceived. As an integral part of “Feed My Sheep”,
and being dedicated to this worthy cause, this became Cintra’s Platform. Not afraid to
testify, that even though she is now helping to “Feed The Sheep”, Cintra once was one
of the “Sheep Needing To Be Fed.”
“Feed My Sheep”, delivers not only a meal...but a World Class experience! Every
individual gets a customized meal, encouraging words, and the Blessing Prayer
(Numbers 6:24-26), included in every meal. The program has fed over 800 individuals
year to date.

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