Ms. American Elegance Lady 2021-22


Wencie Powell

Wencie Powell is a Moss Point, MS native and now living in South Florida. She’s the owner of Wencie’s Elegant Gifts & Designs and works as a Business Manager in Finance. Wencie is an Alumni of Jackson State University and received her Financial Markets Certificate from Yale University.



Wencie is the founder and CEO of The PowellR of Love Inc, a nonprofit social change unity promoting Love as the core principle of Life. Its mission is to empower ambassadors to serve communities and influence others to help make them stronger. Love is the crowning grace of humanity, and the organization believes “One heart needs another.” 


She's an Ambassador of Love, Business Leader, community builder, and philanthropist. Wencie is an advocate for female entrepreneurs and the advancement of small businesses. She serves in leadership with The MillionHeiress Club LLC, an organization for minority women of excellence.

Awarded 2014 Power of Service, 2016 VIA Excellence, 2018 Florida Good News Woman of Impact, and 2021 PUP Emerging Leader.  


Family is extremely important to Wencie. She’s the daughter of loving parents who inspires her to live with humility, with passion, with purpose, and help others. Wencie is the former Miss Black World Teen 1984, Miss Black Mississippi 1987, and Miss Les Exquisite 1988. She has toured with The Canadian Mist Models of Chicago and has made several television appearances.